Raku Pottery Works Spirit Angels

Raku Pottery Works Spirit Angels
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Raku Pottery Works Spirit Angels - Handmade by Jeremy Diller in his California Studio. Tiny Raku Angels (2.5") come in their own little gift box and will stand guard over your lovely places for years to come. Each has a card explaining their 'purpose' - to take care of your troubles and fears so that you can focus on 'expecting miracles'...lovely and sweet. Raku pottery is birthed in 2000 degree fire - then plunged into wood shavings which causes immediate flame at temperatures that cause many of the pieces to shatter. Those that survive shimmer with the radiant colors that can only be seen in Raku. Per Jeremy Diller, "The potter, the earth and the flames shape the pot the way life shapes us. If you can survive this trial by fire, you too become strong, beautiful and 'one of a kind".


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